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Our Dead Sea Premier skin care products are world renowned for their exquisite packaging, for generating amazing results, and for improving one’s self esteem and well-being. By utilizing the best ingredients nature has to offer, employing the best skin care experts, and investing millions in research and development, Our Dead Sea Premier beauty products cater to individuals who want to look and feel as if they just stepped out from an exclusive spa or beauty salon or just returned from an extended vacation. The Premier line has won multiple awards for best products in skincare and cosmetics events. Like most Dead Sea products, our Premier line will combat the aging process and help in reducing and minimizing wrinkles, fine lines, and expression marks. However, our Premier Dead Sea line stands high above the competition due to superb formulas and processes employed exclusively for this elite line. As thousands of happy customers around the world can testify, our Dead Sea Premier line does provide immediate outstanding results and does help in retaining one’s youth and beauty. Below please find a summary of reviews, blogs, publications, and endorsements from all over the globe regarding our wonderful Dead Sea products. As published in Medical Spa ReportSeptember 2006 issue

BIOX Series
The Biox line from Premier USA contains ingredients from the Dead Sea, as well Botox to help clients in the battle against aging. The line includes three products designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, eliminate fine lines, and tighten the facial tissue: Intensive Anti-Aging Complex, Thermal Beauty Mask, and Intensive Anti-Aging Serum. Each product may be used separately, but better results are achieved when using the complete line.