Moisture Complex

A nourishing, hydrating moisturizer for normal to oilyskin that balances and reconditioning the skin and Combat wrinkles. This unique cream is a precise combination of Dead Sea Minerals, mud and water, and active ingredients blended for maximum efficacy which has the special facility of moisturizing the skin while simultaneously controlling excess oil. The blue mineral bar, once applied to clean and washed skin, releases vitamins that penetrate the skin and boost skin cells with oxygen. The moisturizing benefits improve skin texture and facial contours. The Moisture Cream Complex enables the skin to reach and maintain a perfect balance. Based on our secret process and ginko liposome complex known for its decisive action against wrinkles, it counteracts the external evidences of skin aging. Revitalizes the skin cells and stimulates cellular metabolism. It is quickly and thoroughly absorbed into the skin leaving no traces of residue, making it a perfect base for make-up. Therapeutic properties counteract the external evidences of skin aging to restore and reveal a radiant complexion. SPF 17 The cream contains UVA and UVB sun filter protection. This product consists of a cream and an oily mineral bar. 60 ml/2.04 oz

Amount: Price: 200.00 €